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Represented by: Registered address:
Tel:   +380762461
E-mails:  info@com
Company: T/G Inc.
Z. Eduard
Suite 3, Second Floor, Sound & Vision Flouse, Frasncis Rachel str.
Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
To Whom It May Concern
Date: April 12, 2017
Soft Corporate Offer
Limited time offer: Valid up to April 30, 2017
We, T/ G Inc., hereby confirm that we are ready, willing, and able to sell, the commodity as detailed below subject to agreement on terms and conditions and subject to our acceptance of the final contract.

           2. Products:   NPK COMPLEX 15-15-15
Total contract quantity:   25 000 mt per month (300 000 mt per year)

Origin: Ukraine, Russia CIS Countries at seller's option
Packing:        Bulk/Bags
Inspection:    By SGS or equivalent at loading port at seller's cost
Terms of loading:   30 - 45 days after acceptance of payment by the seller's bank.

1.         Buyer issues LOI and sends to the seller
2.         Seller issues FCO and sends to the buyer
3.         Seller issues draft of contract and sends to the buyer
4.         Buyer request all necessary amendments and/or alterations to draft of contract and forwards the same to the seller for approval
5.         Seller returns by fax the signed contract to the buyer for signature, and is to be considered as binding agreement
6.         Buyer issues 04 (four) hard copies of contract to be signed and exchanged by courier.
7.         Further the buyer will present to the seller the draft of payment's instrument for bank's acceptance and only then buyer will issue payment by SWIFT
8.         Delivery and shipment due to shipping sche&tife commence as agreed.

                                   Hope for mutually beneficial cooperation..!



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